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I remember when I first starting taking pictures regularly–not professionally, but just for fun–I was overwhelmed by all the camera settings. I had a “good eye” as they say, but a good eye won’t take you very far. As I tell my photography students, a good eye is only as good as the brain behind it! It’s fantastic to get a great shot by “accident,” but if you can’t recreate that shot–at least mentally–then you are not truly utilizing your camera to its fullest potential.

At any rate, part of my mission as a professional photographer is to help others become better. I know so many of you out there have fabulous cameras and maybe fabulous lenses, but you continue to shoot on “P” or the “Green Idiot Box” as I affectionately call it! I started offering photography classes a couple of years ago to at least get people started on learning more of the features of their cameras. The problem was, 3 hours just isn’t enough to learn what you need to in order to feel comfortable with your camera. Therefore, this past weekend, I offered a 2-day course: the first was in classroom learning to cover the basics of photography, and the second was on-location shooting with models.

I had such a great group of students! They were all eager to learn and asked tons of questions. After our day of in-class discussion, I could see most of their heads were swimming with tons of information; most left a little bleary-eyed. They showed up on Sunday afternoon looking a little overwhelmed, but once we started putting our knowledge into practice, everything started clicking (no pun intended!) I loved seeing the light bulbs going off over their heads as what I had taught them in class finally made sense in a practical setting. Having models to work with helped as well because they got to experiment with different settings and lighting conditions.

We finished up with a post-class discussion at The Frothy Monkey, where we talked a little about post-production and some of my favorite iPhone apps! Now that my website is live, I will be posting weekly photograph tips and tricks, so be sure to check back in. And, if you want to learn more about YOUR camera, stayed tuned for the next photography class.

Lisa: Independence Senior 2013

category: seniors

We had so much fun with Lisa! She brought along her sister and one of her best friends to the photo shoot, and the 5 of us tromped around downtown Franklin for a couple of hours. I love Lisa’s sense of style. Her clothing choices were classy and fun and fully reflected her personality.


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