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As the school year winds down and we prepare for summer vacation, I keep thinking about our 2013 Senior Class and their upcoming graduations. Since I did so many graduation announcements, I know the dates, times, and locations like the back of my hand! I’m sure when next Saturday rolls around, I will be remembering all the wonderful high school seniors and their fantastic parents who graced my studio this past year!

One of our very last 2013 seniors to schedule a shoot was Logan from Brentwood. During our consultation with his mom, Beth, she shared that Logan was “very laid back” and easy to get along with. Truer words have never been spoken! Janice and I usually spend a little time at the onset of a shoot (especially with the guys who tend to be more camera shy) making our client feel comfortable and relaxed.


Totally unnecessary with Logan! In fact, just being around him made us relax! He has an amazing presence and despite the fact that he’s 6’6″ and towered over both Janice and me, he doesn’t use his height to intimidate.


It is truly a gift to feel so comfortable in your own skin, and especially when you are only in high school. I have no doubt Logan will do amazing things in his life because he knows who he is and loves who he is.


Best of luck to Logan and all the Class of 2013 as they stretch their wings and go on to new exciting adventures! We wish you much happiness and success.

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