Boulay Girls 2013 Sendoff

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Last spring we had the kick-off for our first ever Senior Ambassadors: The Boulay Girls. My vision for the program was that it would be mutually beneficial to the Senior Ambassadors and Boulay Photography. Janice and I really didn’t know what to expect, but since we more or less hand-picked the girls, we knew they were outstanding in everything they do. I couldn’t  be more pleased with our first class of Boulay Girls! They have set the bar unbelievably high for the incoming class. They actively promoted Boulay Photography through tweets, Facebook posts, passing out rep cards, and word of mouth conversations. We were blessed to work with them and their fantastic families as well as all the wonderful seniors they sent our way. I can’t thank them enough.

I asked each senior to send me a brief resume about their high school activities as well as their future plans so I could brag on them even more! What an outstanding group of young ladies! Here are their bios:

Chloe Sullivan: Centennial High School

Chloe will be going to Mississippi State University in the fall and received almost full tuition in scholarships. (Fun fact: Chloe and Boulay Girl Karis Hicks will be rooming together.) Chloe is Student Body Vice President at Centennial. She received the Character award for Centennial varsity volleyball last fall. Chloe was accepted into the Honors College at MSU.

Karis Hicks: Centennial High School

Karis will be also be attending Mississippi state this fall. Before she heads to college, she will achieve one of her dreams: working as a UCA staffer this summer for cheerleading camps in the Mid South. Karis has been on the all “A” honor role and was granted in-state tuition at MSU because of her academics. Karis was also elected the DAR good citizen for CHS.

Mary Smith: Page High School


Mary heads off to University of Tennessee, Knoxville this fall where she will study nursing. Because she made all “A’s” in AP and Honors classes, Mary made the principals list! Mary received the HOPE Scholarship.

Maggie Smith: Page High School


Maggie will also head to UTK to study nursing. She made the honors list and also received the HOPE Scholarship for college studies.

Megan Wilson: Independence High School

Megan will be attending the University of Tennessee Knoxville. She has received the HOPE scholarship, The National Technical Honor Society award, and will graduate with her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) license.

Bridget Whalen: Independence High School


Bridget plans on spending her summer working and vacationing at her best friend’s beach house. Then she’s off to UT Knoxville in the fall where she plans to study business and interior design in the hopes of becoming a successful real estate agent after college. Bridget received the HOPE scholarship and the UT University scholarship.

Sydney Schroeder: Ravenwood High School

Sydney will attend to UT Knoxville this fall. She did work crew for three weeks with Young Life last summer, and was a cheerleader all 4 years in high school

Morgan Heatherly: Ravenwood High School

Morgan has been in competition cheer since she was 7. During her high school career, she was active in Young Life and Campaigners at Ravenwood. She will be pursuing nutrition studies at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.

One of my favorite aspects of social media is that I get to keep track of my sweet seniors after they are launched from the nest. It’s nice to see updates from sorority and fraternity rush, adventures at college, and seeing them meet new friends and connecting with their high school buddies. I can’t wait to see what these special ladies are going to do with their lives! Good luck to all of you and God bless!

Stay tuned! I will be posting about the 2014 Boulay Girls and our first Boulay Guy very soon.




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