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We do a lot of senior portraits at Boulay Photography, and each is special in its own way. I’ve learned through this endeavor that photography can have a very personal and intimate side to it–at least the way we do it. We require, for example, all our clients to come in for a 30 minute consultation prior to their session. This is by and large a planning meeting as well as a chance for us to get to know each other and for our clients to decide whether Boulay Photography is a good fit to be their photographer.

But, what these consultations also do is allow us to find out particular interests of our clients. Let’s be honest: anyone can learn to take a good photograph with a few lessons, but the trick to outstanding photography is truly conveying an emotion or a feeling through those images. Enter John Adam.


John Adam is a senior at Page High School. Like a lot of other boys his age, he plays football and hangs out with friends. But John Adam has another passion: farming. His family owns a large Fairview farm which has been in his family for generations. His mom was born there. So was his grandfather, now in his 80’s, who lives just down the road from the house where he was born. His mother’s request was to have the portraits done at the farm and to somehow combine John Adam’s love of farming with his interest in sports as well. During our consultation, we learned that John Adam has a special relationship with his grandfather and so we suggested including Grandpa in a few of the images.


I initially wasn’t especially excited to travel to Fairview, which is pretty far from Franklin, but once we arrived and met sweet Grandma and Grandpa and saw what an amazing place full of family history this was, I changed my tune. Often, our senior boys are less than thrilled with the idea of spending 2 hours with me and Janice and a camera in their faces, but I think because this farm has such meaning to John Adam, he didn’t mind. We did our best to include things particular to John Adam and his family in the images–to tell a story and better convey the personality of this interesting young man. I think we met our goal and I hope these images will be treasured by the Grant family forever.




Little sis even got in a few of the portraits


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  1. Nicole

    I can truly see the storytelling here.. Bravo!


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