Molly Boulay

Hello! Glad you could stop by. If you’re looking for a photographer who will take time to get to know you, who wants to know your story, you’re at the right place. I have come to believe I speak through my camera and without it, part of my voice would be gone.

I didn’t study photography in college, but I grew up with a camera in my hand. In Arizona, where I was born, my father worked for a professional photographer to help pay his way through graduate school. Thus, he acquired several nice cameras and lenses and shared what he learned with his three daughters. But when I think back on my childhood, it was my mother who always had a camera in tow. She documented (and still does!) every holiday, event, vacation, and hike in the woods. From her, I gained an appreciation for the importance of capturing special moments in our lives. To this day, she makes an album for every trip she and my father take. Each summer, my kids would spend a week at their grandparents’ house and come home with a precious photobook full of snapshots. I treasure these books–and so do my children; they will always evoke sweet memories of their grandparents.

When my family moved to Franklin several years ago, I began studying photography in earnest. Before I knew it, I was traveling to conventions and workshops all over the continent, studying with some of the industry-recognized best photographers in the world to perfect my craft. I have never been content with “average” or “status quo”, and push myself on both the creative and business side to offer the best possible photography and experience for my clients. I devour photography magazines as well as business books and articles. I have become obsessed with light and how it sets a scene in a movie or image. Portrait photography, for me, it about more than just getting the technical aspects correct; it’s about incorporating the emotions, interests, and personalities of my subjects.

I strive to create images your family will treasure for a lifetime. That is why we schedule time to meet prior to the shoot to discuss particulars of your session to personalize your images. We also want you to get to know us: our style, our approach, our perspective. This consultation gives you the opportunity to determine whether I am the best photographer for you.

I sincerely hope to meet you soon and discuss your session. We think very highly of our clients, and truly regard them as friends by the time they pick up their finished portraits.

My Senior pictures with Molly were a fun and exciting experience. She got me to relax and made me really comfortable during the shoot. I couldn’t believe the great shots she captured. She is amazing!

—Avery Swartz, Class of 2017
Having my Senior pictures done by Molly gave me the opportunity to have my vision come to life. She allowed me to branch out and capture my creativity. Being able to see my personality come to life through these pictures is truly special.
—Mary Rose Palmer, Class of 2017
I wasn’t looking forward to having my Senior pictures taken, but Molly actually made it fun. I love the way they turned out and would recommend using Molly Boulay for your Senior pictures, too!

—McCain Marrow, Class of 2017

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