Part of being very happy with the final outcome with your portraits, photographs and albums is choosing the right outfits for your shoot.

  • Include different styles and colors of clothing and accessories to bring variety to your images. Have a dressier outfit, include some casual outfit options. We like for you to have something fun to wear too that depicts your personality. Also, if you play a sport or have other hobbies or interest, we would love for you to bring all the gear you wear for that.
  • We prefer solid colors or a small print… try to stay away from loud busy patterns. Bold prints add more emphases to the outfit and take away from our subject…you!
  • If you feel good in what you are wearing, it shows on your face and in your posture. Try on your outfits well in advance of your shoot date. Be sure you like the way you look in your wardrobe choices. Ask yourself, is this a good color on me, is this flattering to my body size, is this timeless or a bit too trendy? It may be a good excuse to do a little shopping for some new clothing pieces before your shoot.
  • Outerwear… jackets, cardigan sweaters, hats, scarves, vests, etc. These items can quickly be put on with your outfit and change up your look completely plus add depth and texture to your images.
  • Jewelry can be a nice added touch to your images. If you do not wear jewelry, that’s totally fine. We want your images to be a reflection of you. Often our clients have jewelry pieces with special meaning to them… this is a great way to remember the significance of these pieces.
  • Remember your shoe choices are important too. Again, bring a variety of shoes to go with your outfits. Make sure they are in good shape. For guys, socks are also important. For dressier shoes, have dress socks or fun graphic socks available. With athletic shoes make sure you have socks that match and look good.
  • Coordinating your outfits with FAMILY portrait sessions is important and takes forethought. Still follow the wardrobe suggestions listed above, but also consider that the families outfit choices need to work well together. Usually best for only one in the family to have a small pattern in their clothing choice. The rest of the family in solid colors that look good together. Mixing textures adds extra depth to your portrait too! For example… the dad may add a blazer to go with his shirt and pants while one of the son’s adds a pullover quarter zip sweater. The mom might add a scarf to her outfit and the daughter a pretty cardigan sweater over her top. Helpful hint… lay the families clothing choices out together at the bottom of your stairs. From above, looking down on them, ask yourself…”does anything stand out like it doesn’t belong?”
  • We are here for you as you select your outfits for your shoot…. just a phone call or text away to help guide you in these wardrobe choices.